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Sandown Capital’s Private Equity fund seeks to deliver superior returns by acquiring controlling stakes in intrinsically undervalued African mid to small-capitalisation public companies. Our strategic partnerships and deep experience of Emerging Market investing allows us to identify the highest potential return investment opportunities supported by a unique Impact Investing methodology designed to ‘give-back’ to society.

Organisation Structure, Strategic Partnerships & Investment Opportunity

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Strategic Partnership With Peresec South Africa


The African Investment Opportunity


“Price is what you pay. Value Is what you get”

Warren Buffet

Investment Philosophy

Our strategy is rooted in a desire to give back to society – to help improve the quality of life of all consumers with a focus on the lower- middle classes. A proportion of corporate profits above a minimum threshold will be dispersed to charitable causes, especially education.

We believe that Sandown Capital’s VC & PE fund will be successful in building better quality businesses due to the alignment of interests between our skill-sets and company management. In providing growth capital for EM companies we believe PE investments generate a multiplier effect…

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