Investment Strategy

Sandown Capital will seek to capitalise on its status as a permanent capital vehicle by investing in a portfolio of high quality investment opportunities that offer exceptional investment returns with a focus on the financial market infrastructure companies that would benefit from the listed governance structures, access to liquid and flexible capital, a broad shareholder base, sector expertise and networks that the Company’s management and board offer. 

Investments are likely to be in regulated exchanges, trade repositories, clearing houses, securities depositories and investment and technology platforms within the financial markets sector in general and South Africa in particular.   The intention is for the financial market infrastructure investments to be complimented and supported by a portfolio investments of liquid investments that could be used as regulatory capital and that is conducive to transparent valuation by Sandown Capital’s shareholders and that may be readily monetised should the Company elect to exit the investment.
There will be a preference for investing in few, high conviction opportunities and in which the Company is positioned to actively engage with management and add strategic value rather than passive investment stakes. 

The bulk of Sandown Capital’s portfolio investments will comprise liquid and transparent investments. Should the company’s share price continue to trade at a substantial discount to NAV, the company will proactively implement strategies to reduce the discount including the return of capital to shareholders via share buybacks or otherwise.

Focused on financial market infrastructure. Providing access to a portfolio of high-growth or high return investments with a focus on financial market infrastructure.