Sandown Management Limited ("SML")

Following on from the Peregrine Holdings Limited Group's restructure in October 2017, whereby the Group’s surplus non-operating investments were transferred to Sandown Capital, SML was appointed as investment manager to the Company on an exclusive basis.

SML is a private limited company, registered in Guernsey, in which Sean Melnick and Sean Jelley, the CEO and CFO of the Company respectively, are the sole shareholders. Operating from associate offices in London and Johannesburg, SML brings a wealth of experience in both the listed and unlisted investment sectors, and is ideally placed to identify investment opportunities on a multi-asset, multi-geographic basis.

Headed by Sean Melnick, the co-founder and previously CEO of Peregrine Holdings Limited, who led the Group to its successful listing on the JSE in 1998, and its growth into the US$500m international diversified financial services Group it has become today, SML has a strongly entrepreneurial approach to investments. As proven business builders, with extensive experience across a broad spectrum of investment opportunities, both as investors and founder-operators, the team is ideally qualified to identify opportunities which match Sandown Capital’s focus on NAV per share growth, designed to build long-term shareholder value.

Sandown Capital Partners LLP, SML’s associate business operating out of London, provides investment advisory services to SML on a sub-advisory basis.

Providing access to a dynamic portfolio of
high-growth international investments