Focused on growing long-term shareholder value

Providing access to a dynamic portfolio of
high-growth international investments

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Our ability to source high-quality investment opportunities is maximised by over 25 years’ investment experience across multiple asset classes - in both listed and unlisted sectors - and by operating out of both London and Johannesburg.


The executive team has a proven track-record, both as investors and founder/business builders, in successfully managing a broad spectrum of investment opportunities.


Sandown Capital has the DNA of a private equity firm. Our focus is on long-term, sustainable growth in NAV per share. As a permanent capital vehicle, we have the ability and patience to invest in opportunities that require capital, management, and time to reach their full potential, targeting portfolio compound annual growth rates in excess of 15%.

“Sandown Capital presents an opportunity for investors in South Africa to get high-growth offshore exposure through a South African stock.”
Sean Melnick